Enjoy Yourself!

I know a place where the people go and they dance all day. Do what they want, no one to stop them, one big party. I’m gonna try to live my life limitless and free. Imagine yourself magic and you will be.
— Tracorum, "I Know a Place"
Elephant Revival playing up on the hill at Mystic Hot Springs

Elephant Revival playing up on the hill at Mystic Hot Springs

Art by Martin Stensaas

Art by Martin Stensaas

dance, play, & enjoy the feel good festive fun!

After 19 years of being caretaker for Mystic Hot Springs, 1000 concerts seen performed on the Mystic stage, a sustainable permaculture-based demonstration site that is growing and multiplying quickly, abundant hot water flowing from the earth in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and a community of countless lives that have been touched by the hospitality he has shared, Mystic Mike has a whole lot to celebrate!

And he wants YOU to be a part of the celebration!

At the Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival, we will weave elements of live music, good times, active community, hands-on sustainability, immersion in nature, authentic self-reflection, and a humble respect for antiquities and our roots from whence we came. All of this, wrapped up inside a package of gratitude for being alive together, here and now. We are so excited to gather up our Mystic Tribe and to have an experience like no other!



come to the edge of the wilderness TO REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE ALIVE




Music is the Bridge

Mystic Mike's love of music started young, and quickly turned to full-blown passion. After getting pulled back stage of a James Taylor, Carole King, and Carly Simon concert at the tender age of 10, Mike knew that connecting with music and the musicians that make it, was something that made him feel alive like nothing else did.

A Dead Head through and through, when Mike discovered the Grateful Dead scene for himself in 1977, he jumped on the bus, and now has 300 shows under is belt, along with many sticker designs and graphics that are inspired by his experience. Mystic Hot Springs is a welcome reprieve for Dead Heads wanting to conjure up those sweet Grateful vibes.

Mike has directed and produced over 1000 live concerts at Mystic Hot Springs and has hosted thousands of musicians, some by the names of Leftover Salmon, Elephant Revival, Dark Star Orchestra, Donna the Buffalo, Trampled by Turtles, and Rusted Root. Because the musicians feel so comfortable and relaxed while they here, they tend to give very special performances at Mystic, unlike anywhere else.

And this touches on what the heart of this festival is about, a Mystic Music Family homecoming. This festival will showcase a best of Mystic music, all coming together to make some brand new magical, mystical, musical history. This is a musical gathering that we hope you will be a part of!

It doesn't matter where you come from, who you are, or what language you speak, music transcends our differences and connects us through it's universal language. Bridging the divide, music allows us the space to unite heart, body, and mind.



The first Bio Zone when under construction. It is now named, "The Club House".

The first Bio Zone when under construction. It is now named, "The Club House".

We are proud to be a part of the solution by pioneering a sustainable way into the future! Mystic Hot Springs has been boldly growing using Permaculture principles as a model, to develop new ways to sur-thrive, all while balancing our inputs and outputs. We call it, Geothermania, a passive and active solar, geothermal way of using nature as a guide for constructing our growing, living, and community spaces. Mystic's first off the grid, sustainable community, and an entirely new concept in clean, carbon-free living that accentuates abundance, not scarcity. Our Geothermania project is a huge leap forward in our goal to becoming completely sustainable. According to Mike, “If you work with nature instead of against it, things are so much easier.”

An oasis in the middle of the high desert, Mystic is flourishing with new activity. We are proud to feature geothermal greenhouses producing food, flowers, and tropical foliage, Pioneer cabins that have been redesigned to take advantage of the solar energy that is so abundantly available, a passive solar pit house for ceremony and meditation, and many piles of reclaimed materials waiting to be transformed under Mystic Mike's creative vision.

We want to share what we've been growing with you at the festival through demonstrations, tours, workshops, and community conversations. We are intentionally designing this festival to give you practical, hands on experiences, all facilitated by experts in their fields of sustainability. 

What a beautiful life we can create when we are all together.



We are Living in a circle

Community is what binds us together into the giant weave of all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be.  A living, breathing circle that we are all part of. We want the Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival to be a celebration of this community circle, and the fact that we all happen to be alive together at this time and place. 

We will also be using the festival as a platform to give back to our local community. We are calling our community outreach, Upgrade the Parade, and it is going to be so much fun to give! We are organizing world class entertainment to march right down Main Street in Monroe, Utah for the local Pioneer Day Parade on the morning of July 24th. We are inviting you to get in on the action! Submit your parade application to join the Mystic Community, all for the fun of music.


nothing is perfect



Mystic Mike has worked to evolve Mystic Hot Springs into an Awareness Center, where people can be immersed in awe inspiring experiences that will cause them to feel more alive and in the moment. This music festival is shaping up to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a source of inspiration, and a place to connect not only with the world outside, but also to the vast world inside of you.

Self-observation and authentic aliveness are key foundations for which Mystic Hot Springs has been built. Mystic Mike's personal school of thought is deeply rooted in PermacultureWabi-sabi and the Fourth Way Philosophy. This festival will provide a way for you to be a active participant in igniting your authentic self expression through direct experience. We invite you to share your unique expression through the workshops and community activities that will be provided at the festival.




From soaking in water heated from the Earth while gazing at the Milky Way, to walking through a Garden of Eden inside a geothermal heated greenhouse, to enjoying flocks of ducks and geese swimming in the tropical fish ponds, this is a reality like none other.

Mystic Hot Springs is a spectacular geological wonder lying at the base of towering mountain peaks at the edge of the wilderness. This is is a place where nature is intimate and you can surrender to it's generosity with ease. Let go of the tension and worry and open up to something bigger than yourself, with nature as the guide.

The Mystic property will be opening up to our festival goers in ways that it never has before, giving access to primitive, untouched landscape for setting up your home away from home during the event. 

It's time to unplug and re-connect.



You look at the scratch and completely miss the diamond

Understanding the beauty of imperfection could lead to the appreciation for the art of decay. To one person it could look like a pile of junk, but to Mystic Mike it is treasure.

Because of an intense determination to save 19th Century relics from ruin, Mike went on a 5-year crusade to save neglected old pioneer cabins. To date, Mike has rescued 30 cabins dating from 1865-1910, refurbishing some of them into quaint and innovative lodging for Mystic guests. All of these authentic pieces of local history were built by the Mormon Pioneers that settled in Utah's Sevier Valley. 

Mike has gone to great lengths to gather and preserve these important reminders of our roots. The cabins are worthy of preservation for future generations to experience and enjoy. Mystic Hot Springs is proud to share these precious remnants of our Pioneer past with you.

Recycling is an important aspect of life at Mystic where Pioneer antiques and 70's pop culture blend together in two centuries worth of eclectic Americana. In his 19 years, Mike has also collected 13 vintage buses, piles of reclaimed building materials, many antiquities, and a hodgepodge of odds and ends, with the intent of using them again. These reclaimed resources will morph into off the grid and energy efficient homes and greenhouses instead of being discarded in the landfill or junkyard, making construction inexpensive and ecologically sound. Anything less would be counter-intuitive!

Donna the Buffalo- "I Love my Tribe"


like ripples in still water

Mystic Mike and all of us here at Mystic Hot Springs are delighted for this opportunity to host this music festival and celebrate being alive at this amazing time. A time like none other before. We are putting all of our energy, focus, love, and intention into allowing this gathering to be something extraordinary for all that participate. We think that by combining all of the best things about Mystic, along with all our collective creative energies of the Mystic Tribe, this music festival will be spreading positivity ripples far and wide!

And that, makes it all worth doing.