We Believe in the good things coming...

I want your experience at the Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival to be one of full physical, mental and emotional awareness. Using the unifying and Earth-connecting energy that the natural landscape and hot springs can create, combined with the world class music that I have hand selected for your enjoyment, this will be a feast for the senses, heart, mind, and body.
— Mystic Mike

We don't like Burning...


This festival is about sustainability, natural balance, and inner and outer peace. Burning for entertainment, or even for transportation and heating, is so last century. We would much rather have a healthy planet, clean air and a normal climate than watch something burn. Whether cigarette or camp fire, generator or fire sticks, we want you to leave the things that burn behind and step into a new way of being alive, without the need for burning.

As a positive step away from burning, we will demonstrate here at Mystic Hot Springs how we are using the heat from the hot springs and the energy from the sun to naturally heat our living and greenhouse spaces. We can feel the heat, with no burning required!

Lend your ears, lend your hands,
Lend your movement, anything you can.
Come to teach, come to be taught.
— Nahko Bear


Shut the **** up! And if the person next to you is talking, tell them to shut the **** up too.
— Bruce Springstein

We feel so humbled by the unbelievable caliber of talent that will be gracing our stage this year at the Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival that we want to soak up all the sounds that these musicians have so carefully crafted, and we want everyone who attends to enjoy the music, too. That’s the purpose of a music festival, right?

Inspired by the 300 plus Grateful Dead shows he has attended, Mystic Mike knows the power that active listening and passive communication from a crowd can have while musicians are performing. The “white noise” of crowd chatter and a cacophony of background clatter make it impossible to truly appreciate the ambiance and artistry of the live music experience that is happening all around you. If part of the audience is talking or singing along, it spoils the experience for everyone.

We are asking our festival goers to be participants in creating an atmosphere of active listening during the musical performances. Please wait to chat until the song breaks, and politely encourage those around you to do the same. Because these are live performances, you’ll never know what you missed if you weren't listening.


Alcohol dulls the finer vibrations, creates a fog, and ruins the moment.
— Mystic Mike

In a huge leap away from what many music festivals encourage, the Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival will be an alcohol-free event.

Understanding that abundant and readily available alcohol is how traditional festival goers equate to having a really good time, we believe too strongly in our experience to allow ourselves to profit, endorse, or encourage alcohol use at Mystic Hot Springs at any time, in any way.

For the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, present moment awareness is encouraged at all music venues and public areas. For this reason, drinking and smoking will be permitted only in the campground and other designated areas.

All festival goers that are abusing our alcohol-free policy in public areas will be asked to leave the festival. 


Just like the Pioneers, whose legacy we are celebrating, Mystic Mike and Mystic Hot Springs is forging a sustainable, permaculture path into the future and invites you to come along for the unforgettable journey ahead. You won’t want to miss it!