Art Imitating Life

by Martin Stensaas

by Martin Stensaas



How could we throw a festival without including our favorite artists? We will be featuring some cutting edge and visionary artists to do live paintings, lead workshops, and display their art throughout the festival grounds. We hope you will have the opportunity to experience their incredible art!




Martin Stensaas

Martin Stensaas

Martin Stensaas

Martin Stensaas believes in the therapeutic effect of artwork that represents archetypal imagery with psychic intensity. Using unique qualities of paint handling, he aims to make paintings that never get boring. Desiring that his art continues to reveal new relationships and subtlety over time and at different scales of detail, this is art that really need to be seen in person, as the qualities change dramatically the closer one gets. Martin likes to build the figures and scenes out of what appears to be translucent ribbons of color energy, fascinated with the lushness of paint. Ultimately, he wants to evoke a kind of astral substance in which lyrical calligraphy, space, light, form, and colors merge into a semi-liquid flowing substance. Originally from Salt Lake City, Martin grew up in Utah’s capital and later moved throughout the western United States, including Colorado and Southern and Northern California and later, Costa Rica.

Have a chance to experience Martin's trans formative art for yourself at the festival where he will be doing live painting during the music.


Mykael David


Born in Pasadena, California in 1971, Mykael David has been a visionary artist the past 23 years. Originally a ceramicist and painter his first stone work was in 1994. After a many years pause from sculpture to focus on painting and after achieving degrees in a Bachelors of fine Art painting from the San Francisco Art Institute (1998), A Masters of Transformational Art (with an emphasis in Archaic Spirituality and Jungian Archetypal Iconography) from JFK (2002), and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (2008) he rediscovered a profound connection with stone carving. He has been actively and seriously engaged in making a name for himself as a renowned and recognized stone carver for the past 6 years giving talks and workshops on his unique perspective of humanity’s relationship with stone (throughout history and into the future), publicly performing live stone carving, and displaying his work in his Illuminating World pavilion gallery workshop at events and festivals throughout California.

Learn more about Mykael David at the festival where he will be set up doing live stone sculpting.

Sunny Stratsburg


Sunny Strasburg, MA, LMFT is trained as both a visual artist as well as a Jungian therapist. These two fields of interest intertwine in all of her work.

“I believe art can heal, and speak to parts of ourselves that have been buried or forgotten. I create art that speaks to the deeper psyche. My imagery is archetypal and dreamlike. Often, I use my own dreams, myths and cultural tales for content. My hope is that the work evokes an emotional resonance and nostalgia for something within the viewer. In engaging with the work, the viewer feels awakened to their own dreams and hidden aspects of their deeper selves.”